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 How To Become a Staff Member!

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PostSubject: How To Become a Staff Member!   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:24 pm

The Pokemon Planet staff is chosen carefully, with weeks of evaluation. There are not specific guidlines, but helpful tips to increase your chances of becoming the next staff member.

Here are some of the following things a member should try to do whenever they log on.

1) Be a kind and helpful member.
2) Use good, and correct grammer.
3) Be an active member.
4) Show good characteristics and trustwortyness.
5) Be a good member.
6) Be patient, we cannot add that many staff, it all comes down to activity.

Now I will break down each tip.

1) Stay out of trouble, obey the rules, help out as much as you can, and be a role model to newer members.
2) Do not talk in SPAM or in instant messaging. Use a spell checker, re read your posts to make sure they make sense.
3) Try and log in once a day or once every two days. 20 qualiyy posts are better than 200 SPAM posts. Make sure to post when only necassary an not to post just to raise post count.
4) Show the Admin you can handle the responsibility and power of staff.
5) Stay out of trouble, similar to tip 2.
6) We cannot have 7 staff for only 12 active members. So, help out by advertising.
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How To Become a Staff Member!
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