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 Pokemon Planet RuleBook!

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PostSubject: Pokemon Planet RuleBook!   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:19 pm


1) Spamming/Spam: SPAM is considered any post that is either, off topic, under 3 words, or over repeation of a selected character.

EX: What is you favorite Pokemon?
WRONG: Pikachu (This is SPAM, because it is a post under 3 words)
WRONG: Pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is SPAM, because it repeats ! an excesive amount)
WRONG: Pizza, Pie, and Potatoes (This is SPAM, because it is off topic)

2) Language: The primary language spoken here is English, if you speak another language, you must use Google Translate, any posts in a foreign language will be deleted.

3) Profanity: Please refrain from using profanity. Using swear words, name calling, and yelling, all fall under profanity.

4) Double Posting/Bumping: Double Posting is posting in submission at least twice, and bumping is posting in a thread that has died out. Do not post in it, if it is older than 1 month old, or 31 days.

5) Multiple Accounts:You are allowed one account, and one account only. If we catch you with two accounts, one will be banned, the other, heavily infracted.

6) Mini-Modding: If someone breaks a rule, don't post saying SPAM SPAM SPAMMER, or YOU SAID A BAD WORD!!! Simply just use the report button and let the Admins or Moderators handle it.

7) Flamming, Bashing, Trolling: Do not insult, bash,flame, or troll any one, we want to be a friendly community, if someone is harassing you, contact an Admin or Moderator, if you harass someone, you will be banned, we want this forum to be a kind one.

8) Don't Argue: Arguing is not allowed, and using Caps Lock, is considered yelling/arguing.

9) Don't ask or beg for Staff Position: We don't want a thousand PM's asking to be promoted, and asking just limits your chances, the only postion you may ask about is GFX Artists, and we don't want beggers, just ask kindly about it, and you'll improve your changes.

10) No illegal material:If we find it, your banned. Simple enough. *Spyware, ROMS, MP3's, etc.

11) No Sexual Content: If posted, you will be banned.

12) Have Fun! Enjoy your time with us, and be a promient member!

Infraction Points:

Spam: 10 Points
Language: 25 Points
Profanity: 40 Points
Double Posting/Bumping: 15 Points
Multiple Accounts: Lifetime Ban on second one, 100 Points on orignal
Mini-Modding: 20 Points
Flaming, Bashing, Trolling: 55 Points
Arguing: 30 Points
Asking for Staff Position: 15 Points
Illegal Material: Lifetime Ban
Sexual Content: Lifetime Ban

Point meaning: After each infraction, a Moderator will add that amount to your Points bar, after reaching a certain amount of points, your acount will be banned. Please refer to the following chart.

1 Week Ban: 200 Points
1 Month Ban: 300 Points
Label Banned Until Proven Trustworty: 350 Points
LifeTime Ban: 400 Or you have done something terribly wrong.

*All ban points will be cleared every 30 days*
**Except for serious infractions, 40+, they stay with you for 60 days**
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Pokemon Planet RuleBook!
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